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By In Read

Lennart, who very well might be the world’s most boring man, awakes one morning to find the night before entirely missing from his memory, a brightly colored tattoo covering his face, and an assassin’s bullet crashing through his window, narrowly missing his head. This original television pilot lays the foundation for a twisting detective tale set in the port city of Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Who is the assassin on Lennart’s trail and why do they want him dead? Where and why did he get the mysterious tattoo? And what does David Bowie have to do with any of it? A journey through the alternative, after hours world of Sweden’s second city, an examination of orchids and lyrics, as well as a deep dive into the monotony and meaning of life. Think “After Hours” meets “Killing Eve” with a touch of “A Man Called Ove”. 

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