Television Series

By In Read

A young man with odd paranormal powers (or just severe psychological issues) may be the only thing standing between earth and a devastating encounter with a deadly asteroid. His sister, a sociopathic scientist (and trained killer), attempts to protect her brother while he attempts to save the world.  Meanwhile, fanatical religious groups, government agencies, and shadowy industrial powers – each for their own reasons – do not wish to have the cataclysmic event stopped.  
The fugitive siblings travel the country, staying one step ahead of the various teams of assassins, seeking the final puzzle pieces that will enable them to save half of the world’s population. A race against the clock, against imminent doom, against powerful forces within and without. 

I am currently seeking representation or development offers for “Nemesis”. If you are an agent, a producer, or a film production company and would like to read more or see the Series Bible, click here.

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