Film Script/Television Series

By In Read

A schizophrenic young man returns to Eastern North Carolina for his mother’s funeral, only to find himself embroiled in the mysterious disappearance of his eccentric cousin’s alcoholic husband. Off his meds, it grows increasingly difficult to separate his hallucinations from the range of ghostly visitations by deceased relatives who are trying to assist him in solving the mystery. The law is closing in, his troubled past is revealing itself in increasingly difficult doses, and a monster of a hurricane is closing in on the trailer park where his cousin lives. And where the secret to all of it lies buried. 
“Porch” is a feature film script being developed into a ten part series.

I am currently shaping “Porch” into a series and am seeking representation or development offers. If you are an agent, a producer, or a film production company and would like to read more, click here. Let’s talk.

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I am pleased to have my fiction represented by Annette Crossland of A for Authors in the UK. Any and all enquiries regarding my fiction should be directed to her at: enquiries@aforauthors.co.uk

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